Hula Workshop
of Southern New England

Traditional and new hula instruction and performances. Hawaiian language and culture. Luau and party consultation and entertainment. Offering beginner through advanced hula classes and private hula lessons.

About Your Instructor, Carol Anne Buckley

After studying Polynesian languages at Harvard, I received an East-West Center grant and moved to Honolulu to continue my work toward a Master's Degree in Polynesian linguistics. Once I got there, love of the land and the culture came ahead of school work, and I began to learn hula.

A Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant I knew gave me the names of two hula teachers to call, and I will always consider myself lucky that the first one who answered the phone was Rose Kapulani Joshua.

Mrs. Joshua (I always called her that) had been traditionally dedicated for hula near the turn of the 20th century. She taught a very old style without a lot of the flashy, Westernized innovations you see today. But, perhaps in reaction to the kapu system, she taught a completely secular hula class, with no hulas named to gods and goddesses. And she had no problem with tourist and hapa-haole hula!

I studied with Mrs. Joshua for about six years and continued later with her daughter, Lorraine Joshua Daniel. Although I've studied with several other hula teachers, including other real masters, I consider the tradition I pass on to my students to be strongly rooted in Mrs. Joshua's training at her Magic Hula Studio in Honolulu.
Mahalo to hula master Rose Kapulani Joshua and the other teachers I've studied with in some depth:
Lorraine Kaina, John Kaha`iali`iokaiwiula Topolinski, Lorraine Joshua Daniel, Emma Sharpe, Michelle Akina, Noelani Kaluhiokalani, Pattye Kealohalani Wright, Blossom Kunewa, and June Tanoue.
Carol Anne Buckley
Honolulu, 1980s
Studied hula with Rose Kapulani Joshua in Honolulu

Master's degree in Polynesian Linguistics, University of Hawai`i at Manoa

Hawaiian language classes with Kalena Silva and Pua Anthony (Hopkins)

Began teaching hula on the Mainland with Mrs. Joshua's permission

Founder and director of Royal Hawaiian Dancers, Cambridge, MA

Recruited college students from Hawai`i for dance troupe

Performed on the Mainland and in Hawai`i

Private classes with Lorraine Joshua Daniel in Honolulu

Taught hula in Denver, CO

Founded Hula Workshop of Southern New England

Official hula teacher of Wahi Ku Moku, the Boston Hawaiian Club

New focus on traditional and experimental hula choreography for the arts

Founding member of Rhode Island Independent Performers Network (RI2PN)

Private classes with Pattye Kealohalani Wright (Kailua, O`ahu) and Blossom Kunewa (Honolulu)

Theme originator and choreographer for Frazier Festival 2010 (RI2PN and Rhode Island School of Design)

Performed experimental hula choreography at American Dance Legacy Institute Repertory Showing, Brown University